Generate Your Own Powerful Affirmations

Affirmation Generator
It is possible to create your own affirmations but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.

Below you will find a table of useful starting points to start you mind thinking along the right lines.

Unlock YOUR Full Potential, Unleash All YOUR Possibilities!

Simply take the beginning of the sentence and fill in the ending using the words that best describe the area you are trying to target to bring about change.

This will ensure that you are creating powerful and directed affirmations towards the goals you seek.

The below formula uses the same unique systematic five step empowering process that our MindSet power affirmations use.

This system will assist you in embracing an affirmation that you desire to believe but currently do not.

By using the powerful five steps you are creating some of the most effective affirmations ever.

This will ensure that your affirmations are the best they can possibly be.

Powerful Emotional Words
You can also include some of these powerful words where appropriate to create a more heightened emotion and intensity.


Affirmation Table


I release

I cleanse myself

I purify all

I let go of

I give away

I banish all

I erase

I remove

I cast out

I cancel


I am open to receiving

I see myself receiving

I now celebrate my acceptance of

I allow into my life

I am now focus

I now accomplish

I am now relaxed

I now hold

I now absorb

I realize that

I take in


I am

and me are one

I master

I deserve

I rejoice

I am capable

I am grateful

I have the abilities

I live

I intend

I am responsible

I flow freely


I act

I take upon myself

I say yes to

I believe

I understand

I am able

I am privilege

I am entitle

I have the divine right to

I am capable


I integrate

I embody

I represent

I now contain

I symbolize

I express my

I open up

I participate

I take part

I improve my power to