Affirmations To Re-Imagine Your Self

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge – Albert Einstein

When you have heard it all before and nothing works.

When every self help book promises the changes you seek but never delivers.

When you are fed up with all the fluff pages and real life stories that pad out the self help books so they can sell them.

That’s when you just want results.

If that’s you, then you have come to the right place.

Every ‘secret’ is just:


Nothing more nothing less.

What you need to do is start using your imagination to manifest your reality.

Read on if you want a concrete system to start changing YOUR life NOW!

Imagine YOUR way to success using IMAGINATIONS

Most people think that affirmations are a powerful way to change how they think.

Each affirmation should be spoken in the first person, be positive and worded as if it already exists.

For example: I am happy.

Imagining something is generally thought of as wishful thinking.

However, there is an argument that everything man has ever created has first been seen or heard or felt in his imagination.

That is not wishful thinking.

That is the power of man’s imagination at play.

Man has the ability to first imagine something before going on the create it in reality.

In fact most inventors and scientists use their imagination extensively to show them new possibilities.

Imagine harnessing that power for your own possibilities.

Imagine, imagining your SELF.

Harnessing your imagination as a tool to imagine how you will BE.

A new way to imagine your future, your self.

Everything you see today – from the cup to the phone in your hand started in the imagination of man.

Einstein said ‘Imagination is more powerful than knowledge’ and he was right. What the mind imagines can and often does become reality. The subconscious seems to lack the ability to differentiate what is imagined from what is real.

By imagining an outcome – by imagining the thoughts, emotions and feelings about a wished for outcome, the mind inexplicably starts to move forwards into that reality.

Imperceptibly at first, it slowly grows momentum until magically, providence moves too and what you only dreamed about, begins to manifest into reality.

Whatever you dream you can be, whatever you dream you can do – then BEGIN IT NOW!

Your fate, your destiny will move to and before you know it you will have joined with the infinite intelligence of the universe and co-created your future.

We all have aspects of our selves we would like to see changed. To improve. But find difficult if not impossible to achieve.

No matter how hard we try or what ‘system’ we use – nothing seems to work.

Even if we are successful at change, it is usually short lived and leads to intense frustration when we fail – yet again.

Yet inexplicably we are drawn in moments of inspiration to seek new ways to achieve what we feel intrinsically should be possible for our selves.

Most self help treats the symptoms and not the underlying cause. The root of the problem – thought.

A persons behavior is 95% controlled by subconscious thoughts that are based on their beliefs according to their personal ‘map’ of reality.

The human mind is powerful. It has the ability to think outside of itself and to propel us to great lows and great highs. It has the ability to literally create success out of thin air. Or failure.

It has the ability to hold us back, based on false notions it believes to be true.

The human mind thinks in patterns.

Patterns learnt and ingrained over time.

To address the real problem and not just the symptoms it is necessary to re-program a person’s subconscious thought patterns.

That can only be achieved by constant repetition of positive statements which eventually overwhelm the conscious mind and penetrate deep into the subconscious part of the brain, changing the underlying background thought patterns.

What you believe is A truth, not THE truth.

Belief is not real – IT IS only the meaning YOU ATTRIBUTE to something – merely an interpretation.

Imagine the possibilities if it were conceivable to simply and effectively remove negative thought patterns.

To dismantle the false barriers and blocks that hold you back from your true potential.

To allow access to a new YOU.

A world of infinite possibilities would once more open up to you.

No longer held back by limiting beliefs you would be free once more to reach out and grasp new frontiers. To cross borders that were only ever imagined limitations.

Think for a moment about all that YOU COULD begin to achieve – when your true potential is unleashed.

When we learn to harness the mind’s great power – to take control of our thoughts and our destiny – we unleash a force so great it can literally move the mountains of our negative thoughts.

Our uniquely crafted Imaginations scripts, give you a powerful new way to effect personal change.

Delivered directly and repeatedly to your subconscious mind, an amazing new world of possibilities can take root, blossom and flourish in the fertile soil of your newly opened mind’s eye.

Procrastination is the killer of success and only you have the prerogative to choose your destiny.

From this opportunity flows all the abundance that this decision directs hereafter towards you.

Time is precious – knowledge is power – start today – unleash your inner giant – unlock your full potential NOW!