Mental Success Pattern Encoding

Mental patterns are your brain’s “recording” of events your have experienced in life. If you experience similar events often enough then these tend to get ‘set’.

If you are exposed to a further similar event then you brain goes into ‘auto-pilot’ and you experience the same feelings and start doing the same things you did before. Automatically.

In effect your mind is set and your predominant mindset is to react the same way.

This is why many people keep acting the same way but somehow expect different outcomes.

Our mindsets are the foundations of our habits and personal traits and are very predictable. This is often a good thing as in some situations we do not have the time to think and process all the various options. In survival situations for example we need to act fast.

But just because we have survived does not mean that the strategies we took are necessarily the best for us in the long run.

The problem is they may have become set in our minds and are triggered unconsciously in the future, preventing us from trying other possibilities. Many of us have literally thousands of unconsciously programmed mental patterns or mindsets that ‘kick’ in whenever we experience similar events in our lives.

Our habitual mindsets often override logic and prevent us from reacting differently, even if the way we react and behave does not make any sense to us at all.

Success modelling involves finding and copying successful people and replicating the factors that are responsible for their success. What beliefs they hold about themselves and the world and what they are thinking and saying to themselves on a constant basis that leads to their successful actions.

Modellling for success involves looking at successful people and figuring out which strategies and actions they take on a consistent basis that leads to that success.

Although there are many aspects to modelling success the greatest single factor is always their self-talk, mindset or internal belief system and map of the world.

If you can capture the internal beliefs and thoughts of such people you have captured 90% of their success.

If you can install similar thoughts at a subconscious level so that they are internalized for you then you are already thinking success and are truly on your way to becoming successful.

Our Mindset Programs effectively releases you from these habitual mental patterns allowing YOU to make YOUR own free choices and for YOU to be YOUR own guiding force.

To bring about a change in your beliefs you need to being about a change in the way you think. To bring about a change in the way you think you need to change the thoughts you have. The way to change the thoughts you have is to reprogram your mindset – from within.

Because in the end it is our beliefs that allow us to start to tap into our full potential – allowing us to unleash the necessary actions which will provide us with reinforcing results.

The results which create the certainty that what we can believe – we can achieve.