Alpha Male Mindset

How To Become An Alpha Male

4 Alpha Male Traits

Believe, Think & Act Like An Alpha Male & Get The Same Results In YOUR Life

Most males secretly envy Alpha males.

In a dog eat dog world, they seem to gain most of the attention, money and girls.

But what is it, that sets them apart from the rest of us mere beta males.

If you could get inside the mind of an alpha male what would you find.

More importantly could YOU believe and think the same way.

And if you could would you want to?

If you want to become an alpha male, there are four simple but essential elements that makeup such a man.

1. Beliefs – Subconscious Thoughts
Every alpha male believes he is an alpha male.

This might sound obvious, but it’s not.

Unless you actually believe you ARE an alpha male then nothing else will work.

The question is, how can you obtain this belief if you don’t already have it?

Beliefs are deeply held convictions that are ingrained below the threshold of the conscious mind.

The only way to change them is by changing your underlying subconscious thoughts.

2. Thoughts – Conscious Thoughts
Your conscious thoughts are those you are aware of.

Whenever you decide, you are making a conscious decision.

However, most conscious decisions are heavily influence but our subconscious beliefs about expected outcomes.

Believe you will succeed at something and you most likely will think you will succeed.

Thinking you will succeed has a profound positive influence in whether you do in fact succeed.

In ways not yet fully understood.

It’s as if the universe joins forces with you and in imperceptible ways helps to improve your chances.

3. Actions
Together these thoughts impact what actions you might take regarding something.

So if you believe you are an alpha male and your conscious mind does not object, then you will take the typical actions an alpha male might take in a given circumstance.

For instance you see a beautiful girl and expect a positive outcome.

Sure enough, not only do you approach her, but your air of confidence is attractive to her and she is won over.

Your actions are a direct result of your underlying beliefs together with your conscious decisions.

4. Results
Results are the feedback system for you to know when you are doing something right and when you are doing something wrong.

Nobody can win all the time but KNOWING you are doing the right thing, means you know when to chalk up a failure to chance, rather than true failure.

If you want to truly become an alpha male then start with these fundamentals.

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