What Is A Growth Mindset

Why Brains & Talent Don’t Mean Success

How Your Mindset About Your Intelligence & Talents May Be Holding You Back

People with a fixed mindset believe their traits or basic qualities such as intelligence or talent are fixed i.e. not changeable.

Instead of developing their intelligence or talent they simply document them.

Whereas, people with a growth mindset believe that through hard work and perseverance their basic qualities and traits can be developed.

They believe talent is merely the starting point and through planning, learning and perseverance, success can be accomplished.

Almost all successful people have this underlying belief or mindset.

Adopting a growth mindset creates the inner motivation and productivity that enables growth in all areas of personal development, including business, education, sports and even relationships.

Our mindset is our mental attitude that has taken shape, based on our life experiences, our environment, our education and the ideas and beliefs we have absorbed from those people we have most interacted with in our lives.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all keep a running account or self talk of what is happening to us, what it means, and what we should do about it.

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Our mindset is that inner voice conversation taking place in our heads.

Our minds are meaning seeking machines and we are constantly monitoring and interpreting events and stimuli so that we can reinforce or modify our internal ‘map’ of ourselves and the world as we have come to understand them.

Based on these beliefs our mindset is responsible for how we interpret and react to what happens to us and around us.

Depending on whether your inner voice is based on a positive empowering mindset or a negative limiting one, will largely determine how you will interpret challenges, setbacks and criticisms in life as well as contributing significantly to the actual outcomes and results you create.

The central message in Carol Dweck’s book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” is that whether you have a fixed or a growth mindset, can and does affect profoundly the way you lead and live your life.

This core belief is the guiding light which permeates almost every part of our lives.

The difference either limits your potential or enables your success and is often the difference between achieving excellence or settling for mediocrity.

It also has a direct bearing on our self esteem, which in turn affects our creativity and ability to face challenges and overcome setbacks.

Most of what we are and how we behave, comes from our mindset.

Your mindset about your qualities and characteristics and more importantly whether these can be changed.

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Although, most people have a mix of the two, there is no doubt that having elements of a fixed mindset, seriously hampers your willingness to strive for better things. Believing your traits are fixed, basically stops you from developing.

Having a growth mindset on the other hand allows you to persevere and cultivate new qualities, talents, aptitude’s, interests and temperaments. That you can grow through application and experience.

Most people are more fixed in some areas and more growth orientated in others, and this will guide them to the results they expect and are willing to settle for.

If you have a fixed outlook you will avoid and reject criticism whereas if you have a growth outlook, you will welcome criticism to learn and improve. Basically you will stick at it no matter what the setbacks are. Alternatively, you will believe that you should give up as it is not worth the effort.

We all face challenges, the difference is in how we interpret and respond to those adverse circumstances.

Although, all this may seem a small difference in outlook, it leads to big differences in our lives and can have massive impact in the results we obtain.

Having a fixed mindset stands in the way of development and change, whereas adopting a growth mindset means making more effort to obtain valuable results.

Making yourself aware of your mindset regarding some aspect of yourself is key to changing it.

Knowing your self is half the battle.

Most people think that they are born with a set amount of intelligence and talents.

It is taught by our parents, by our teachers and reinforced subtly in our media.

According to Carol Deck while this may be true to a certain extent it is not the whole story.

It fails to recognise the exceptional hard work that successful people do, to fully realise their potential.

How they strive to be the best, by BUILDING on their supposed limitations.

While praising someone, especially kids regarding their intelligence and talents can be the starting point for them developing the self esteem and motivation to achieve more, it can also backfire and make them complacent and begin to document their abilities rather than develop them.

Teaching such a ‘fixed mindset’ can in fact be counter productive to achieving success.

Brains and talent don’t by themselves bring about success. It also takes a lot of hard work.

In praising them at an early age parents may in fact foster low self esteem and lower accomplishments because they fail to do the work necessary for true success.

Instead according to Dweck there is one ground breaking idea that if taught to kids can make them more productive and raise their standards all around.

That is a ‘growth mindset’.

Stanford University psychologist studies showed that a ‘growth mindset’ could in fact make a big impact on how people approached life.

Instead of believing they ‘naturally’ should achieve success, they realised they needed to work extremely hard to achieve it.

More importantly they developed an ethos that nothing was set in concrete and everything was up to them.

Although this sounds like a simple concept it’s effect can be profound.

Because when you don’t feel you have limits, you are set free from the false shackles that sometimes bind you.

Free to develop instead of document your intelligence and talents.

This engenders a massive self esteem boost and leads to much more productivity not only in school but at work and in life in general.

Basic qualities are no longer fixed traits. Talent is no longer a prerequisite to success.

This simple idea can be the difference that make the difference.

Instead brains and talent are just the starting point that dedication and hard work can hone to achieve true excellence.

Adopting this view creates the resilience essential for great accomplishment.

People develop a love of learning and a love of striving to BE the best.

All ‘great’ people have this mindset.

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us
are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson




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