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Power Thoughts

Power Thoughts
When we repeatedly speak to ourselves either out loud or silently we are in fact using affirmations.

Words that are repeated to us either by ourselves or by others, over time, become part of our identity, be that positive or negative.

Like sowing seeds, when we nuture them (repeat) they grow.

If you plant a weed then you don’t expect to grow a fruit.

Like nature our subconscious doesn’t care WHAT we grow, it just makes sure you get what you planted.

If you want to grow apples you have to have apple thoughts.

And you have to nurture those seeds by constantly repeating and affirming them.

Your subconscious will work hard to make sure your outer ‘reality’ reflects your inner ‘reality’

However, you have to be open to the signs, people and opportunities that will present themselves to you along the way.

In other words you need to believe it at least as much as to be on the alert for serendipity.

That is circumstances manifesting themselves for your opportunity.

That’s because, and most people forget this, YOU have to take ACTION in some form for the changes to take place.

Using our Mindset Mind Power Self Talk audio series you can begin the process of first installing the belief that affirmations will materialise and later move on to the specific recordings you wish to attract.

Alternative you can purchase the full set but please use the BELIEVE YOU CAN MINDSET first before listening to the others.