Self Image

THE KEY To Human Personality & Behavior

Why Beauty & Your Self Image Is More Than Skin Deep

If there is one thing more crucial to fulfilling ALL your potential, more than anything else and upon which everything else depends, then it is your self image.

Your self image is the way YOU see your SELF.

It has nothing to do with reality, except it is YOUR reality.

In fact, whether you THINK you are intelligent, beautiful or successful has more influence in your life than how smart, attractive or well-off you actually are.

This phenomena was discovered by MAXWELL MALTZ, M.D.,F.I.C.S. a plastic surgeon and explored in his book ‘PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life’.

He found that people have a mental image of themselves and that no matter what he as their doctor changed physically, if they didn’t change their internal self image, then they still ‘felt’ ugly.

That beauty was more than skin deep and depended more on people’s internal vision of themselves than any outward reality.

He further discovered that the secret to changing this internal self image was through the use of vizualization techniques that used the power of the imagination to overcome ingrained negative self beliefs and image.

That simply imagining something using visualization was almost as good as experiencing the real thing.

This is possible because your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an actual experience and one that is vividly imagined.

Picturing ourselves perform in a certain manner, is nearly the same as the actual performance.

Indeed mental practice not only helps to make perfect but is a prerequisite to becoming as perfect as you can be.

Knowing our actions, feelings and behavior are merely the result of our own internal images and beliefs gives us a powerful lever for changing our outlook and personality.

It opens a new door to gaining skills, success, and even happiness.

Mental pictures offer us an opportunity to “practice” new traits and attitudes, which otherwise we could not do.

Visualization using the human imagination coupled with affirmations has the power to change a person’s self image and thereby set him free.

Your self image sets the boundaries of your possible individual accomplishment and defines what you can and cannot do.

When you expand your self image you expand the area of what is possible for YOU.

Develop a realistic and adequate self image and you will be imbued with new capabilities, new talents and be able to literally turn failure into success.

To find a life that is reasonably satisfying – to really “live”, you must have developed an adequate and realistic self image that you can live with.

You must be acceptable to “you”.

Knowing both your strengths and weaknesses but moreover, be accepting of them.

No one is perfect.

This is the foundation for a wholesome self esteem. A self that you can trust and believe in. A self that you are not ashamed to “be”.

In this way you can function effectively in a real world.

Know thyself.

Neither more than you are, nor less than you are.

This is so liberating because you just KNOW.

You are not threatened, insecure or anxious but rather just feel good about YOUR self.

This leads to feeling proud and self confident, knowing you are free to “be yourself”.

Being your self is not arrogant, although it may seem so sometimes, to some people.

It is a confidence born of acceptance rather than superiority and many will secretly envy YOU!

That’s because they have yet to find the secret key to self image!