Success MindSet

Successful people have successful mindsets. Successful mindsets are those that are fixed for success.

They are based upon positive mental attitudes. empowering inclinations, good habits and great dispositions.

These together predetermine a successful response and interpretation of situations and outcomes.

In the end successful people take the actions that unsuccessful people will not.

And all this stems from their belief in themselves and the inner voice and thoughts they say to themselves constantly – that success is an option.

This unshakable belief and positive inner voice comes from their internal mind power and success conditioning which has been literally installed from an early age or learned though dogged perseverance and effort.

The real secret to success is your mindset. The thoughts you have, the beliefs you hold and the actions you take based on those beliefs.

1. Desire
Desire is always the starting point to any and all accomplishments. Our motivation to succeed has its roots in a deep passion to achieve an outcome, purpose or burning desire. Without this desire there can be no fire to heat our passion to accomplish the things we truly want because it is the desire for these things that is the catalyst to achieving them. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill
2. Commitment
Once you have cultivated the desire then you are ready to commit. This commitment means that you are ready to do what it takes to achieve your goals and objectives – with integrity and wisdom.
3. Responsibility
Taking responsibility means accepting that YOU make the decisions and YOU determine your own destiny – no one else. Yes, along the way there will be set-backs, even failures, but ultimately it is YOU who frames your results and not others. Accepting responsibility is sometimes uncomfortable and it is far easier to stay inside your comfort zone and wait for things to happen. But accepting responsibility means going out there and not being passive waiting for things to happen to you.
4. Hard Work
Nothing comes to no-one, without hard work. While we all like to win there are few who are prepared to put in the hard work of sacrifice and self-discipline to ensure success.
5. Positive Belief
Anyone can think positively but few have positive belief. An unshakable knowledge that with preparation, the correct attitude and hard work, that positive thinking will work and they will achieve their desires. Positive belief is more than just wishful thinking, it is the underlying belief that supports all our thoughts, actions and ultimately our results.

6. The Power of Persistence
No-one wins without first losing. It is in the losing that we eventually become winners. It is our persistence that sets us apart and our persistence comes from purpose. Life without purpose is mere drifting and a person who has no purpose will never persevere and will never succeed.

7. Pride of Performance
In all this there must be a sense of pride. Pride in ourselves and what we are trying to achieve and are willing to do to make that happen. Pride is doing our best. Not for ego sake, but for the pleasure of exercising our god given gifts with appropriate humility. No job is well done if it is done half-heartedly. The job is a reflection or self portrait of the one who does it. So do it well, the best you can and you will have the winning edge.

Your mindset and your beliefs can be changed. The human mind is programmable and is very susceptible to conditioning.

Why do you think we see the same commercials over and over again? Or hear the same slogan? It’s because advertisers know that if they can get our attention for 30 seconds (or less), to watch the same commercial multiple times, they can sell us billions of dollars of merchandise.

Isn’t it time that you used the exact same techniques to start conditioning your mind for success. For YOUR benefit, instead of for others.

Take Control Of YOUR Mind – Take Control Of YOUR Life!

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