Master Mind Mindset


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Master Mind Mindset

Affirmations To Master Your Mind

Install YOUR Master Mind – Beliefs, Thoughts, Actions & Results

The Self Talk That Leads To Successful Thought Processes!

The human mind is powerful. We all know that. But just how powerful is open to debate.

With perhaps thousands of thoughts per day just how much does our thinking actually affect our lives or our perception of it.

It is no surprise that many religious and spiritual bodies expound the virtues of mastering your mind.

For when you master your mind. Master your thoughts then you are truly in control of your destiny.

This product is the result of many years of thought. About what we really need to be saying to our self.

Self talk is the kernal of our being. The kernal of how we behave (be + have).

It colours or perception and even perhaps creates our reality.

When you realize (real eyes) how important what we believe, what we think and what actions we take then you see that the results we obtain in life are very connected.

You really cannot afford to think haphazardly. You need to master your mind and master your imagination.

Imagination is the seed for everything man has ever accomplished.

Even Einstein recognized this when he said:

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

If you don’t know something then you simple don’t know.

But if you cannot imagine something then you will NEVER know.

Imaginations™ are new form of affirmations that latch onto that wonderful amazing power of the human mind to imagine the impossible and thereby make the impossible real.

Without imagination there would be tv, no planes, no radio.

All were imagined first before they ever existed.

Imagined in the minds of men. Things unseen and not yet manifest.

You too can imagine.

Track 1
NLP Super Learning
Nuero Linguistic Programming Super Learning audio program for unleashing your super learning capabilities.

Track 2
Guided Relaxation Sleep Hypnosis
Guided Relaxation Sleep Hypnosis audio program for opening up and relaxing before wxposure to powerful mindset affirmations.


Track 3
I am eternally grateful for all that I have.
I am thankful for all the blessings that life has given me.
Gratitude and me are one.
I take full responsibility for all that I am and will be.
I am in charge now of my destiny.
I accept that I am co-creator of my bounty.
I release all that has gone before and embrace the new.
Gone is the past.
The past is behind, the future ahead and the here is NOW.
I open my self to all my possibilities.
The future is what I make it.
My future excites me.

Track 4
I am what I think.
I believe in my self.
I believe in the infinite intelligence.
I believe I am the co-creator of my destiny and my reality.
As I believe so am I.
I believe I have the power to co-create.
I ask now and allow the power of the universe to manifest itself in my life.
I am all that I can dream I can be.
I behave in such a way that I can be and have.
Let my beliefs be my plea that goes forth and mingles with the infinite world of possibilities to create the opportunities that best suit my talents and skills.
My beliefs are clear and help me think new thoughts take new actions and manifest new results in my life.
I beseech all the blessings of the infinite intelligence upon this great and noble undertaking.

Track 5
I am what I think.
What I think I become.
My thoughts flow from my deeply held subconscious beliefs.
Thoughts flow outward into the world around me and help manifest the actions I take to achieve all my goals and reap all the rewards I am entitled to and deserve.
My thinking determines my perception and my reality of the opportunities that surround me.
As I think I manifest.
Thoughts flow into actions that manifest results in my life.
I see now how my thoughts translate into actions which create results in my life.
If I think big my life will be big.
I now unleash all the power of my internal beliefs and thoughts to co-create the opportunites and actions that bless me and others immeasurably.
Let us beseech the blessings of my thoughts upon this great and noble undertaking.

Track 6
I am my actions.
My actions and I are one.
I am what I do.
I act in my self.
As I act so am I.
My actions are a product of my inner beliefs and thoughts.
I unleash my action unto the world to be all that I can be.
I manifest opportunity through every action I take.
I am fully aware that my actions co-create my opportunities and help manifest all my positive desires for good and welfare.
Help me to see my actions for what they are – me.
I act in accordance with my beliefs and thoughts.
Help my actions manifest my desires for good and for wealth.
I take action.
I act as I believe, as I think and as I am.
All that I am is my actions.
Let us beseech the blessings of my actions upon this grand and noble undertaking.

Track 7
Help me to recognize the results I manifest.
I am my results.
My results are me.
I am what results I obtain in life through beliefs thoughts and actions.
All my results are positive.
All my results are manifestations of me.
I welcome all results as the springboard for new actions.
Let us beseech the blessings of almighty that my results, hold lift and sustain me for now and forever.
I can see my results
I imagine my results.
I now give thanks for all that I am. All that I can be. And all that I shall be.
I am sure in the knowledge that I am.
Health wealth happiness and fortune are the products of my mind intermingling with the powers of the infinite universe to help co-create mine and my fellow man’s destiny.
I have risen.
Behold my destiny is as I imagine it.
Let us beseech the blessings of my results upon this great and noble undertaking.

Track 8
I imagine my thoughts reflecting my beliefs.
I imagine my actions reflecting my thoughts.
I imagine my results reflecting my actions.
I imagine my beliefs reflecting my results.
I imagine my self.
I imagine my self into the existence I imagine.
I feel now I am happy healthy wealthy and fortunate.
I see my self bathed in the abundant glow of incredible prosperity.
I conjure my self.
I envision prosperity wealth happiness and abundance.
In my minds eye I picture me.
I am touched by health wealth and happiness.
I hear the sound of my success as it moves to surround me.
My bounty allows me to share my blessings with others.
Money is the power to make things happen.
I make many good things happen for me and for others.
I thank the infinite intelligence for in its name it is done.
When I am committed providence moves too.
Whatever I can imagine I can become I start it now.
By the power vested in me do I become all that I am, can be and will ever be.
I humbly take this power within me and use it for the good of mankind.
Let us beseech the blessings of my self and the almighty infinite intelligence upon this great and noble undertaking.

I promise to think act and see the results of my beliefs incarnation.
Hold fast for my beliefs have risen and will give rise to all that I imagine.
No power on earth is greater than my beliefs.
Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.
I now unleash the true power of my inner self to mingle with the forces of the universe and allow opportunity to knock on the door of my self.
I am one with the universe and all its power and I consciously seek out great opportunities for me to do good to bless others and to provide immense value to those within and around me.
Behold I have awoken.
I believe all the resources to create abundance are now flowing into my life.
I welcome into my life all the powers of the universe that help to create and manifest money, prosperity, wealth and affluence.
My belief that I am entitled and deserve to live a life that is full rich and fulfilled I now hold to be real, true and attainable.
I imagine how it will feel when I am blessed with the opportunity and assets that are required for me to attain all the riches and joys of prosperity wealth happiness and abundance.

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