Eleven Fundamentals Of The Law Of Attraction

Manifest All You Desire
There are eleven elements to successfully implementing the law of attraction.

Without each one the others will fail. Each element deserves its own page and can be found by clicking on the links to the left but here is a quick synopsis of what these eleven elements are and more importantly how you can begin to start to use them for your positive good.

Our beliefs, our core subconscious beliefs, do affect our values in a very real way.

And our values do affect our attitudes to the world and the people we interact with in it.

Together our inner core beliefs, values and attitudes to ourselves, people and the world around us create our expectations of what we can, should and ultimately will make happen.

Our expectations will give rise over time to our habitual emotions and our perceived potential.

It is our emotions and perceived potential that will or will not allow us to set strong reachable goals.

But creating goals is just the start.

A strategy to obtain those goals, especially in the face of adversity and set-backs must be crafted and put in place because rarely do things go all our way.

Then finally when solid obtainable goals have been set and good strategies worked out, it is the actions that we take and the effort we willing to expend on those actions, that really decides whether we will obtain the results we desire.

Beliefs lead to values and attitudes that affect our expectations of what life can be for us and this affects our emotions and potential to create effective goals and strategies which with the right actions and effort will bring about desired results.

Of course all this is cyclic and mutually supportive or not as the case may be.

Any one of the factors mentioned above can make or break the whole process and often does.

But the key, the ‘magic key’ is always the strongly held beliefs that a person holds which tell him or her that they will or will not succeed in whichever endeavour they are striving for. Their internal mind power.

And those core beliefs are held in the subconscious mind. They have been hard wired or programmed into a person’s mind from early childhood and depending on the person are often overriding the rational mind when it comes to everyday thoughts and actions.

No matter how many positive books, videos or teachings we follow, we will continue to subconsciously trip ourselves up and in most cases we won’t even know about it until the results we obtain are not the ones we thought we had planned for.

Now with the help of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, subliminal programming and affirmation delivery systems we can for the first time start to reprogram those limiting beliefs to be more in line with want we want out of life and not what others and the media have decided we should have.

For the first time, you can arm yourself with the weapons to fight back and to truly unleash the power of your subconscious mind. To override the negative hard-wiring and re-write ourselves for a more positive and inspiring future.

We all of us have the ultimate machinery to achieve anything we want in life, to literally manifest our heart’s desires.

To do this you need only believe in yourself again and you can do this best by re-programming your subconscious mind.

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