Clear Out the Cobwebs and Make a Fresh Start

Want to make a great new start, right now? Begin by clearing out the cobwebs from every corner of your life!
You may not think your corners have cobwebs but I assure you, if you have been mired in negative, fear-based thinking for any length of time, your entire life is filled with stagnant energy that will continue to drain your power.
Clearing out the cobwebs is a very simple process of sweeping away old, stagnant situations that no longer serve you so you can make room for shiny new circumstances that DO. What do I mean by “stagnant situations”?
Destructive or unfulfilling relationships, partnerships and friendships
Boring or unchallenging jobs
Unhealthy habits
Unfinished business
Unnecessary expenses
Excessive obligations
These situations will vary greatly from person to person, and only you will know when it is time to let something go.
You might be in a marriage that has become a drag, but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it unless you feel a need to do so. There are other options, like having a heartfelt talk with your partner and working on improving the relationship together.
Your job might be boring and unchallenging, but you balk at the thought of quitting without another job to take its place. That’s okay! You don’t have to quit, but at least give some thought to obtaining a better job that makes you feel happier.
The point of clearing out the cobwebs isn’t to go on a “wrecking-ball rampage” through your life, but rather to identify situations that are out of balance and in need of attention. Once you have identified these areas, you can decide on the best course of action for each one.
Little by little, begin addressing any areas of stagnation or blockage in your life, and little by little you’ll notice yourself FEELING BETTER. As your mood improves, so will your ability to look to the future with hope and enthusiasm, rather than dread and fear.
Special areas to pay attention to:
Incomplete tasks and projects, overloaded schedule, cluttered office, unproductive habits, unresolved resentment, unhealthy work relationships, unclear objectives, lack of long-term planning.
Unspoken truths, bitterness, unaddressed anger, grudges, guilt, regrets, dishonesty, destructive behavior, abuse, trust, passion, cooperation.
Increasing income, reducing unnecessary expenses, proper money management, long-term planning, saving and investing, budgeting, reducing debt, collecting monies owned to you.
Physical, Emotional, Spiritual
Poor health habits, excessive work, procrastination, work/life balance, recreational time with loved ones, proper rest and nutrition, anti-social tendencies, moodiness, anger, spiritual disconnection, inner emptiness, lack of purpose or direction, personal time, personal growth, self-improvement.
Do you see the importance of this process? It’s like clearing a logjam out of the river so water can flow freely downstream again. If you clear the situations that are causing a blockage in your life, you will open the door to greater success and prosperity – in all areas of your life.

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