Super Self Image Mindset


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Super Self Image Mindset

“Creating A Powerful Self Image – Creating Confidence & Certainty On Demand”

Accelerated Success Conditioning

Your self esteem is probably the most important aspect of your personality. Not only does it define who you are it also influences those around you and even in some cases the experiences and results you create in the world.

The problem is that for most of us we have been programmed with at least some limiting negative self talk regarding certain aspects of ourselves.

This internal self talk blocks our progress and limits our ability to not only follow through on success but can also severely effect our goal setting and achievement of our objectives in life.

This negative self talk not only effects our view of ourselves but also our view of the world and what we expect to happen to us in that world.

Chicken And Egg Situation
What is worse is that it is a vicious self fulfilling cycle. Negative self talk leads to low self esteem and low self esteem creates more negative self talk. It is crucial to find a way to break this destructive cycle and to realize our true potential.

The reason that most people are unable to break out of negative self talk and low self esteem is because most solutions try to tackle only the symptoms rather than the underlying ROOT causes of the problem.

To get to the root of the problem is to change the internal programming that exists within our mind. To do this we must eradicate and treat the negative self talk that is programmed within us.

Most self help improvement or development programs simply do not do this. They fail to realize that the answers lie deeply rooted WITHIN US, in our own minds.

The people that achieve in this world – the real achievers have either been programmed with high self esteem from the beginning or have learned how to manipulate their minds in such a way as to give them the best possible advantages or edge.

They literally install or reprogram there own minds in ways that allow for the greatest possible chance of success in whatever area they have chosen to excel at.

They realize that the real trick to success is to adopt an almost unbeatable belief system which places them in a very strong strategic position.

They know that what they think they will become and that what they become they will think.

Once this is fully understood, absorbed and adopted, a new world of untold opportunity opens up and the clouds of self doubt and low self esteem melt away and disappear.

Self esteem is sometimes defined as the ratio of successes to failures we have in any given area of life. However, our minds seem to not only take into account what happens in reality, but also take into account what we are told. Think about that for a moment.

Even if you have success after success, if someone close to you, someone you trust, repeatedly tells you the opposite, then your self esteem will suffer.

No one knows why this is so but perhaps because the human mind’s imagination has become so well developed it has had to allow for what is imagined to become almost as valued as what is actually observed. That thoughts can have nearly as much importance as observations. For some unknown reason we are as susceptible to what we are told almost as much as what we actually experience. The mind seems to not be able to tell the difference between reality and what is imagined or thought.

If only we could harness this same ‘bug’ in the system to our great advantage we could unleash its huge potential for accelerated success conditioning.

With our Mind Power Programs you have discovered the astounding power of the mind. The power of your own mind.

Mind Power Programs are audio programs that literally alter your way of thinking. They remove unsupportive beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and emotional habits that you may have acquired over a lifetime and replace them with proven success modelled thought patterns, enabling YOU to obtain the exact same results that successful people get.

To achieve this each Mindset Program ‘teaches’ you the actual subconscious beliefs, thought processes and attitudes of the people who are the best at something already. They install the automatic mental process of the most successful people, directly into your subconscious mind.

Using state of the art accelerated learning technologies, Mind Power Programs gently coax your mind to THINK the same way successful people do. Those who are already successful in their lives.

The goal of each Mindset Program is to teach and program you to more effectively use and control your mindset so that you can tap more easily and productively into the way you believe or BE+LIVE. In ways that will create and attract more of what you want into your life!

This could be the starting point for the beginning of the rest of a your life – a new life, a life lived on your own terms – healthy, fulfilled and successful.

For the first time ever you have within your grasp the means to reprogram your mind using the most powerful method of accessing your latent subconscious mind and replacing limiting self defeating thoughts patterns with new uplifting and empowering positive mindsets.

Procrastination is the killer of success. Immediate action creates momentum. Repetition of positive thought sustains it.

Using our unique system, you will naturally find new empowering positive thoughts re-occurring in your mind several times per day. You will begin to notice YOUR new mindset positive statements shaping your other thoughts.

As the mindset powerful positive statements create more and more similar thoughts, you will create a direction and build momentum towards your desired results.

Let your positive thoughts of power and certainty guide your actions.

What You Get
Track 1: Our proprietary Sleep Hypnosis track that can be listened to either awake, relaxed or even asleep. This powerful hypnosis track begins the re-programming of your mind towards the desired direction and course you wish to take. Powerful enough in its own right to be sold separately this is a bonus track that will set the scene for the profound changes about to take place in your subconscious and eventually conscious thinking. Do not underestimate the power of this incredible recording – on its own it can effect very deep changes in your beliefs, outlook and actions in life.

Track 2: The core of our unique mind reprogramming audio software for the mind. The affirmations presented here have been carefully chosen and are fully audible so you know exactly what you are reprogramming your mind with. These powerful and life changing statements listened to regularly will bring about profound and dramatic changes in your core being.

Track 3: This is where the magic begins. Using our unique audio technology we have created the worlds first truly subliminal way for you to broadcast empowering messages to your subconscious mind. By including a set amount of pure silence this track can be placed on auto-repeat and will begin broadcasting at specific times throughout the day and if you wish the night also. Set and forget technology allows you to listen in the background whilst you go about your daily activities. As with most thing in life after a short period of time your conscious mind will ‘tune out’ listening to the affirmations and thereby allow them to penetrate deep within your subconscious. This simple method holds profound implications for how we can now go about changing our subconscious beliefs, thoughts and consequently our actions.

Never before has such a highly powered and radical audio program been offered to the public. Get ready to experience the changes you have always dreamed of. But be careful what you wish for because these recording actually work – unlike some of our competitors.

So as always, in the end it is up to YOU – do you wish to stagnate in your current situation with all the attendant negative thoughts and blocks that bar you from becoming the person you were truly meant to be, OR do you commit to change and take the first step in transforming YOUR life FOREVER.

Whatever your choice YOUR decision will create YOUR future.

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