Learning How to Love Yourself

You may wonder what self-love has to do with success. The answer is: more than you can imagine! Self-love and self-worth go hand in hand. If we don’t believe we’re worthy of success, we’ll keep pushing it away or find ways to sabotage ourselves from achieving it.
Our self-image is formed from a set of inner beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs are based upon past experiences and what we determined they meant at the time.
Exploring the beliefs that form your self-image is important because they will determine your thoughts, feelings, behaviors – and ultimately your level of success in ALL things.
Have you ever uttered statements like these?
“I stink at math.”
“I’m terrified of public speaking.”
“I could never be an airplane pilot.”
“I don’t have what it takes to be successful.”
“I’m just not a people person.”
“No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get ahead.”
It’s very easy to buy into these “excuses” (yes, that’s what they are!) because they remove the responsibility from our shoulders. Convincing ourselves that we’re just “not good” at something means we no longer have to try hard or take risks. It’s out of our hands. Consequently, we end up holding ourselves back from the lives we really wish we were living. We end up feeling stuck in a cycle of frustration, wanting something better but not believing we have the ability to create it.

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