Growth Mindset

YOUR Abilities Are Not Fixed

They Are Merely YOUR Starting Point

There is one idea, one concept that above all others enables us to aspire to all that we can be, as well as liberates us from false limitations.

That idea is that our abilities or qualities are not fixed.

Rather they are just our starting point.

Our basic qualities, like intelligence, talents and our innate abilities are not fixed.

We can develop them through hard work, practice and dedication.

This seems such a simple idea, but behind its simplicity, lies a depth of unleashed new opportunities.

Because rather than having a fixed mindset, we can elect to have a growth mindset.

Rather than believing we have a certain amount of brains and talent and nothing can change that, we can see our qualities as things that can be developed through dedication and effort.

A growth mindset, allows us the possibility to develop, to get better, to achieve what might otherwise be un-achievable through dedication and hard work.

Our brains and/or talents are merely the starting points in a journey of personal accomplishments.

What is amazing is that almost all great people share this way of thinking or have adopted this mindset.

It is perhaps their greatest secret.

That nothing is set in concrete, least of all THEIR potential.

Nor should yours be!

When we adopt a growth mindset we create the internal motivation that springboards our productivity in all areas of our lives.

Your intelligence and talents are not fixed. There are the starting points or foundation upon which you may build the edifice of your dreams.

Let go of negative imaginary limitations and real eyes YOU can do almost anything if YOU put your mind to it.

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