Overcoming A Poverty Mindset


If any of the below statement sound familiar to you then you maybe engaging in thoughts that limit your ability to succeed.

No matter how hard I work I can never seem to make ends meet.

Vacations are something I just cannot seem to budget for.

Struggling is the story of my life!

There are many scientific studies that show this to be not just a theory but actually true.

Thought patterns influence our health and well-being.

It has been shown that negative thinking even suppresses the immune system and often leads to illness.

Studies published by the American Medical Association confirm that a large majority of patient complaints and symptoms are stress-related stemming from an inability to think positively.

We become what we think about all day long. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The question is of course – so why do we do it. Why do we constantly engage in a stream of negativity?

The answer seems to be – habit. What we have been raised on is hard to eliminate. Old habits die hard.

If you were raised in a household filled with negative reminders about lack and limited resources or criticisms of the wealthy, you will have carried your learned beliefs and behaviors into adulthood.

These learned responses are embedded in your brain and repeat themselves like an old, broken record; a constant reminder of your limitations.

A poverty mindset is one of the most common mindsets found.

If we cannot erase this ingrained internal ‘knowledge’ that tell us that we can never succeed then we are doomed to failure – no matter how hard we try.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. – Norman Vincent Peale


When you change your thoughts you will start to change your environment – begin to do new things.

Start connecting with new people who inspire rather than limit you. People with a positive, uplifting attitude about success and wealth. You will begin to absorb unconsciously their oral and body language, mimicking their tone and posture.

By listening to one of our Mindset Mind Power Programs, for example our Wealth Creation Mindset, Money & Prosperity Mindset or even our Millionaire Mindset you will be repeating to yourself positive statements that resonate within you and become your predominate thought pattern, moving your energy in a positive direction.

Positive statements can actually change your brain chemistry.

You will begin to start saving money.

No matter how small an amount, the power to save releases an amazing sense of control and empowerment over your life.

Your sense of worth will increase and you will value yourself much more.

Like attracts like and soon you will be surrounded by similar people who reflect and reinforce your new worth and values.

The truth is you just cannot afford to attract those that have a poverty mindset.

You will begin to appreciate what you already do have – no matter how small.

Because hand in hand with the removal of a poverty mindset is the adoption of an abundance mindset.

One where you are grateful for the things that you do already have (e.g. your health) and can then harness this energy to attract more of it.

Your thinking will expand allowing you to think outside the box, allowing your creative juices to flow.

Because in the end your greatest asset is YOU.

But the greatest change will be the psychological change. No matter how deep your poverty mindset is embedded, no matter how long ago you were ‘taught’ that you cannot succeed, your belief system will undergo a paradigm shift.

Erasing deep rooted negative feedback loops and resetting them so that environmental events trigger positive responses instead.


All that is required of you, is the desire to change. The desire to not want to be stuck in the same place and instead take empowering action.

Once you make that decision your mind will be opened to the amazing power of your mind. The amazing power of your choice.

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