Time Management Mindset

There is no time management gene – people are not born disorganized. Anyone can get organized and people do not have to live disorganized lives.

All that is needed is a time management mindset.

Instead of believing that everything won’t fit and that choosing one activity precludes others, the correct time management mindset gives us the he ability to see the options and choose the best use of your time.

It may seem simple but in most cases stress arises when we fail to either see the options or fail to choose the best option.

Stress comes after poor decisions – letting you fall behind which leads to panic and even worse decisions.

Good time decisions on the other hand lead to less stress and greater satisfaction.

Most people work better and more efficiently when they feel they are on top of things or that their ‘desk is clear’.

They know that time spent on making things ‘clear’ is time well spent and will provide a rich return on their investment throughout the day by allowing them to be more focused and less stressed.

Doing routine tasks that clears away clutter not only frees up real space, it also frees up mental space.

Clearing mental clutter is as important as clearing real world clutter.

It is a proven fact that people who make the time to exercise regularly feel happier, healthier, have more energy and are more productive.

Just one hour three times per week gives physical, emotional and mental benefits as well as social and monetary pluses.

No other use of three hours gives so much – so exercise.

Time management mindset in the end is all about the benefits.

Asking yourself is this the best investment I can make with my time.

Learning to choose the greatest benefits for the least time is half of the time management mentality.

The other half is learning to see the options and trade-offs.

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