What Is A Mindset

What Is A Mindset

Our mindset is our mental attitude that has taken shape, based on our life experiences, our environment, our education and the ideas and beliefs we have absorbed from those people we have most interacted with in our lives.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all keep a running account or self talk of what is happening to us, what it means, and what we should do about it.

Our mindset is that inner voice conversation taking place in our heads.

Our minds are meaning seeking machines and we are constantly monitoring and interpreting events and stimuli so that we can reinforce or modify our internal ‘map’ of ourselves and the world as we have come to understand them.

Based on these beliefs our mindset is responsible for how we interpret and react to what happens to us and around us.

Depending on whether your inner voice is based on a positive empowering mindset or a negative limiting one, will largely determine how you will interpret challenges, setbacks and criticisms in life as well as contributing significantly to the actual outcomes and results you create.

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