Why Your MindSet Affects Success

Having the correct mindset for a particular task is almost a pre-requisite for success. No one has ever been successful who has not had to overcome hurdles and obstacles to that success. The ability to have an empowering and positive outlook and mindset allows us to not only overcome those hurdles and obstacles to success but to actually welcome them as challenges and opportunities for growth and learning.

Core Inner Beliefs & Mental Attitude
Often people with very similar circumstances in life can bring about very different results in their life, purely because of their mindset. Our mindset regarding certain situations and events influences our interpretation of them and often predetermine the way in which we will commonly respond. People with a positive mindset are able to overcome life’s many set backs far easier than those with negative mindsets. Those with negative mindsets tend to feel the world is collapsing under their feet every time they encounter an unpleasant life experience.

If our core inner beliefs do not support us, then often whenever we are faced with a difficult situation or hurdle to overcome, instead of seeing it as a normal road-block to success, we can surrender and admit failure, when in reality all that was required was to try harder or differently. All that is required is the proper frame of mind. The knowledge that thoughts are the starting point for all that we do or attempt to do in life.

It is our choice to live a life controlled by random thoughts or decide to choose our thoughts carefully and to develop a positive, empowering and successful mindset. No one else can make this choice for us. But when we do decide, when we do commit to taking control of our thoughts, providence moves too and suddenly we have the power to create. To create wonderful things in our life, by taking command, training and instructing our mind to think positively and creatively.

“When the task is done before hand then it is easy.”

Ch’an Master Yuantong

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