Changing Your Attitude

Everyone Has An Attitude
We all have attitudes. They may be positive or negative but for every idea, event, person or object we all have a positive or negative predisposition. A tendency to act in one way or another. An established way of responding to people and situations.

Your Attitude Affects Everything
In any given situation your attitude to what life throws at you is largely based on your beliefs and the values you have created according to those beliefs. These beliefs and values permeate your entire thought processes and dictate how you see the world and how you will deal with the world around you and constitute your attitude.

This is not necessarily the same as reality, but merely how you will deal with what you percieve to be the reality of the situation.

If you believe and perhaps in some cases even expect certain outcomes or events to transpire then you in fact often subconsciously contribute to them happening in the way that they do.

Good And Bad Attitudes
We all recognise good and bad attitudes in people and we all instinctively know and respect someone’s good attitude and likewise are slightly shocked by someone else’s bad attitude.

And yet we also instinctively know that when someone with a bad attitude displays this, that there is some underlying issue or problem that has not been resolved.

We recognise this because we all have had to modify our attitudes repeatedly throughout life. To modify an attitude that is not servicing our best interest – overall.

But this is not easy and when we witness someone who is still struggling with the transformation we are not only shocked but also slightly indignant (sympathy aside) that they have not already made the adjustment. Like we have.

Because modifying our attitude is a social skill that society demands.

But for some, the transition can be more painful and if the learned response is deeply ingrained it can stubbornly refuse to budge. This is because the attitude is based on complex learned responses to people, events, situations, ideas and things. The attitude is trying its best to protect the self.

The good news is that as they are learned so can attitudes be unlearned or changed.

Changing Your Attitude
We can all try to be positive in our attitude to a given situation or person, at least for a short time. To override our internal beliefs and values so that we can temporarily display the correct behaviour to achieve a short term goal.

However, our attitudes reflect our internal map of the world and sooner or later unless we change our core inner beliefs and values, our true attitude will always surface.

At the same time if we are forced to change our attitude continuously for a long enough period we can actually transform our true attitude because we force our subconscious into believing our act is true.

To change your attitude you really need to change the deep seated fundamental beliefs and values you hold about a given situation, person or thing. Although this is not generally easy, it can be done.

By accessing and changing the subconscious beliefs and values you hold, you can change your attitude to others and the world.

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