Law Of Attraction – Effort

You Get Out What You Put In
Simply put, if you want something…you have to work for it. There is nothing that comes to you in life by dumb luck, or fate. You create your destiny; you are your own fate!

If you want to succeed at something, you have to put forth the effort. The amount of effort that is put in is the amount of success that will be rewarded with. Some things seem easier than others, but the harder things in life are usually much more rewarding when they are accomplished. You feel confident and gratified when you achieve an enormous goal you have set for yourself.

If you want that promotion at work, you have to remain positive and believe that you will get it! Our subconscious minds are clouded with self doubt and fear of change or the unknown. You may have to use some affirmation tools to clear your mind of the negatives that are embedded in it. With a clear mind, you are able to reinforce positive thinking and start really and truly believing you deserve to succeed!

The effort you put in to reprogramming your mind, removing the negatives and replacing them with positives will be rewarding in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Your attitude is changed for the better and with that the actions you take are more positive, creating a flow of positive energies that will surround you.

You get what you deserve
What you deserve is what you desire and serve. The belief that if you want something, believe you deserve it, that it will come to you is not enough. You do actually have to deserve it. The promotion at work will not be given to you no matter how much you want it, if you do not deserve it. If you call in sick twice a week, show up late, and do poor work while you are there, you can want it all day long, but you will never get it!

Put forth the right amount of effort
You have to put forth the effort, tobe the best you can possibly be. The thought process behind the theory every action creates a reaction is just as simple as it sounds. If you work hard, show up when scheduled to work, and do a great job while there, your actions will create a reaction that could result in your promotion.

Staying positive and focused on your goals will create a stronger and more confident you. Confidence has always been looked at as strength; the ability to believe in yourself will create a respect for yourself as well as gain you respect from others. Positive thinking really does really work!

You can use re-programming tools to effortlessly change your subconscious mind, but the effort will still be needed on your part for the goals you set for yourself. The goal of cleaning your mind and filling it with affirmations is to set the stage for your success; it is the strategy that is needed to get you where Yyou want to go!

It takes effort to change, to believe, to stay true to your values, to set goals, to achieve your goals, and to believe you deserve it!

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