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Personal Values
Our personal values are those things that are the most important to us. The things that must be true for us to lead a fulfilled and happy life. To be successful in our minds.

They are the things that really motivate us. Motivate us to seek our full potential.

When we are living in accord with our true personal values our lives are fulfilling and satisfying.

Our deeply held beliefs are what constitute and contribute to our values. Mostly these are subconscious and are tightly interwoven into the fabric of our everyday living and behaviour. They influence how we make decisions, how we interact with people and also effect our attitudes to the world in general.

Mostly these are assimilated during our early years and are absorbed from parents, teachers and other influential people in our lives. However, these values are also created by our repeated experiences of the world. If we continually get rejection this can lead to us forming a strongly held belief and value mindset that this is what we should expect in the future.

Even though we may add or discard some values based on critical thinking and life experiences many of our core values learned when we were young are still operating at a subconscious level and are largely responsible for our various choices, decisions and predicted outcomes. Usually without us even being aware that this is happening.

Because they are so ingrained we tend to think that our values are absolute and universal and that whats feels right or wrong for us must be right or wrong for others as well. But often this is not the case.

In fact sometimes these ‘values’ can actually hinder us in achieving what we wish to accomplish, simply because we are operating under false premises.

Determing you true values
It can be difficult to determine our true deeply held values because often they are well hidden. You may need to clear your mind, find that inner peace and allow the answers to flow to you. As an example you can try to isolate your top 5 most important values from the list below.

Advancement and Promotion
Challenging Problems
Change and Variety
Close Relationships
Ecological Awareness
Economic Security
Ethical Practice
Fast Living
Financial gain
Helping People
Helping Society
Influencing Others
Inner harmony
Intellectual Status
Job Tranqulity
Market Position
Meaningful Work
Personal Development
Physical Challenge
Power and Authority
Public service
Quality Relationsihps
Supervising Others
Time freedom

However, any or all of these values can in certain circumstances work against you rather than for you. Obsessive concentration or unbalance with one or more key values can hinder your ability to modify your behaviour when the circumstances dictate.

This can mean the difference between success and failure in an enterprise or method of dealing with a situation. The ability to see things from all sides and in some cases to modify your values that may not be serving you as efficiently as you would wish for is a powerful mechanism for adapting and bending to the wind so to speak. There is an old chinese saying that it is better to bend in the wind that to break.

Aligning your values
Only you can know whether your values are based on false beliefs or in some cases valid but hindering your progress to a desired outcome. No one would suggest you compromise your values only that you become aware of their interplay in the way you behave and act. And if there is a conflict of interests then you are at least in the postion to judge whether you would prefer to have these values re-aligned to better serve your purpose.

Modifying your values
Values then are expressions of emotionalized truths. When implemented these can energize your life for the greatest positive results. If you find that your values are mis-aligned or even falsely based on learned responses to past experiences then modifying your beliefs and values is of paramount importance for your future health and prosperity.

We all want to achieve great things and become successful. And this can be possible without giving up your core positive values. But you may need to re-assess which values are working in your favour and which may even be based on false beliefs.

The power is yours
You have to change your mindset into believing that you have the power. The power to access your beliefs and values and to change them if necessary. The power to make your life better, create more happiness for you and your family, and to revel in the success without the shame of not upholding your true values.

You have to reprogram your brain and your thought process, learn to wash out the negative and to begin filtering in the positive. Most people need help in this area, as we are all used to dwelling on the bad and have a harder time seeing the good. But you are the one in charge of what goes into your mind. And you are the one that can change the way you think.

The goal is to release yourself from the day to day life you are accustomed to. To begin a new process of thinking and to learn to control your own destiny.

You will be amazed at the peace that surrounds you when you know that you are in control. You will hold your head up proudly; knowing that the values you have in your life are strong and true and cannot be compromised.

You will have a fresh start to make the life you want, a fresh thought process to begin realizing your dreams. With the ability to think clearly, think positively, and think ahead, you are unstoppable.

The world will seem clearer, your goals more obtainable and you will not see any limits in sight. You can begin your journey to happiness with a clear head, a strong thought process, and a positive mindset.

Stand up for what you believe in; learn to hold your ground! Know your values and your standards and know they are true and real. Begin to see your true self worth and acknowledge the beginning of the rest of your new life.

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