The Power of Beliefs


There are many types of beliefs. Religious and pseudo religious beliefs. Personal beliefs etc. etc.

Beliefs about how the world works etc, etc.

The word belief is used here in the sense of a set of rules or a map of how the world operates.

This can be about who we are and what the world is.

The Search For Meaning

All men seek to find meaning and to control the world – to be god like.

In the innate search of the mind for meaning and therefore control and survival, all men will consciously and subconsciously program their minds to better react and behave to obtain the best results for survival and prosperity.

All religions stem from this need to have meaning and control.

Religion actually solves the problem by taking away the need for control and providing faith instead of meaning.

It is a salve for the soul and a salve for the constant turmoil of the search for meaning.

Ironically this helps to create within the individual the very thing that has been tormenting him and has brought him to his knees –a meaning to life.

It does this by taking away the need for meaning and releases the individual from the search.

Thereby creating a form of happiness.


When people are faced with difficult circumstances and things to which they cannot understand, the mind is forced to try to find a place for where this new info can be slotted into the overall map they have of the world and reality as they see it.

That is when problems occur.

Frustration at not being able to obtain the desired outcome or control of ourselves, others or the world around us, is what causes us to develop psychological problems.

How this disparate information and learning is slotted into the individual’s map of the world depends very much on the individuals existing map.

There are as many maps of reality as there are people on this earth and therefore the same circumstance can produce very different reactions and internalized representations of how to deal with this in the future.

Therefore some people can be exposed to a danger and simply see that as something they should avoid in the future, whilst others can create an irrational fear of anything to do with that, even though their conscious mind can logically know, that it may be something that could ultimately be beneficial to them.

Although there are only two core strategies (move towards or move away) for achieving man’s two primary goals in life (survival and procreation), the world of possibilities can help to create an infinite matrix of interconnected rules and therefore maps of how we should behave and how we actually do BE & HAVE.

Whether you are having problems (frustration) with the search itself, problems (frustration) with moving towards something or problems (frustration) with moving away from an event, circumstance, person or thing, the answers are all the same.

Your map of the world and how it operates needs to be adjusted to better facilitate your goals in life.

To do this your best tool is the mechanism that is also the root of the problem i.e. your mind.

Because your mind is the most powerful super computer on the planet and is perfectly capable of almost anything. You need only start to reprogram it for your betterment and for your good.

Our beliefs are not necessarily true objectively but they tend to be deep set and reflect how we think things really are. They consist of the assumptions we make about the world, others and our self. About how we expect things to be.

Believe It And You Will Achieve It!

Since we were very young we have been programmed to believe.

As children we were given our beliefs from our parents and from our peers.

Without the necessary tools to form our own beliefs, we relied mainly on what we were told by others.

In order to understand the path that your life is taking you may need to ask yourself what your true and deeply held subconscious beliefs are.

Because it is these deeply held subconscious beliefs that are often the key to your true happiness.

Your fate, your happiness and your success.

Also often we have experienced many negative results in our life and the mind has absorbed them. In trying to make sense of these negative feedbacks and also to protect you, it has created a set of rules that can sometimes falsely hold you back from achieving your true potential.

What we believe in, is the foundation for who we are, what we can do, and how we go about doing it.

Our beliefs create the values that we live our life by.

If we believe that you have to work hard to get what you want, then our work ethic will be strong and solid. If we believe that things should come easy, our work ethic may be weak.

It is important to know what your beliefs are, where they come from, and how to repair them if they are misaligned with what you want in life.

Our perceptions of the world, others, and of ourselves stem from our beliefs, which may have been formed long ago and have become outdated or corrupt. Even though we are adults and feel that we are now in control of our minds, the beliefs that were instilled in us as children and the negative reinforcements we have experienced and absorbed can still play a strong part in who we are, how we act and ultimately the results we obtain from life.

We all want to be able to blame someone or something else for our faults, short comings and failures; but the truth often is, it is we who are subconsciously sabotaging ourselves. There is no one to blame but ourself. Our unconscious self.

Your thought processes are stronger than you think; they can impact everything in your daily life and can bring you many miseries. But they can also bring you many joys.

Personal enrichment can be yours by tapping in to your subconscious mind and reprogramming how you think and what you believe.

You can achieve anything that you put your mind to, but your mind must first believe that that is true and to do that you may need to reprogram it to eradicate all the negative clutter that has accumulated throughout the years. For example:

Do you believe you will be successful?
Do you believe you will be happy?
Do you truly believe that you can have what you want in life?

If not then perhaps it is time to start realizing (real eyes) your mind needs maintenance, exercise and attention just like the rest of you.

In the same way we continually maintain ourselves in order to be productive and fruitful in our endeavors in life, mental self improvement is a necessary part of our development.

Do you go to the gym?
Do you dress for success?
Do you eat right and diet?

The reality is you are only taking care of a small portion of yourself.

What else do you want?

Do you believe you deserve more?

If you feel that you are not worthy of something, chances are you will not get it. If you dwell on the negative aspect to your life, chances are you will never see the positive aspects surrounding you.

Take a leap of faith, release the inner power that we all possess, and make things happen!

It may seem simple and a little too good to be true, but it is that easy – think it, believe it and achieve it!

The strategies for personal growth are simple and the techniques very clear.

You have to change the patterns of your brain waves, increase the positive and remove the negative.

Your brain is very capable of change; you can tap in to your inner power and inner strength and begin changing your life today!

You are in charge of your own fate and hold the key to the future you want and deserve. There is no room for blame on others and no need for negative thoughts, stay positive and believe and you will achieve!

Just as science has proven that for every action there is a reaction, your brain, your life, your future has the same ability.

If you believe in something and tell yourself it will happen, put all your energies into making it happen, then it will happen.

You have set the pattern for success by using the ability of your belief through positive thinking and it has created an action in you to aid in the result of getting what you set out for.

There are many great tools to aid in reprogramming your thoughts, to help you to reinforce positive thinking and remove the negative thoughts from your mind and create an inner strength that will move mountains if you tell it too!

Open your mind to the amazing abilities it holds, the power that is stored within you, and the riches that can be yours with the happiness you can unleash.

There is no greater power than belief, the belief in the power of self and its ability to manifest all your desires.

So start believing in your SELF and start making great things happen. Your life will be enriched with love, happiness, peace, and freedom, as well as the knowledge that you and only YOU are in charge of your future.

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