The Power Of Repetition

Message Reinforcement Through Repeated Exposure

Persuasive Messaging

Do you believe in the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking. Perhaps you’d like to, but have tried and it didn’t work.

The number one secret to the law of attraction is REPETITION. But very few people are able to keep up with the motivation required to continuously repeat positive statements to themselves.

What if there was a way to broadcast positive statements to yourself all day. And all night for that matter. Not just any old affirmations but key, new, powerful, positive, principles and beliefs for success.

Introducing Mind Power Programs. Utilizing audio technology that incorporates silence as well as audio so you can set your player to repeat and forget.

Hearing positive statements broadcast at random times so that they disappear into the background. Perhaps the first truly audio subliminal messages.

Repetition is used widely in the media, advertising, politics and where ever people want other people to think the same way as they do – i.e. when persuasion is required.

The reason it is used is that it works. Repeating something many times reinforces the message and unless contrary information is acquired, eventually gets accepted by the subconscious as being the truth.

Psychology studies prove it to be one of the most simple but highly effective ways to ingrain information or pass a message.

We see ads for the same products over and over and over again – ad nauseam. Politicians no matter what the question repeat the same messages endlessly. News media formulate and repeat the same opinions day after day.

The reason is because repetition can be really persuasive.

It may seem too simplistic but by simply repeating a message its persuasive effect is increased dramatically. Psychological research has found that repetition is one of the easiest, most powerful and also widespread methods of persuasion, despite the fact that we often overlook it.

Research has proven that the more a statement is repeated the more validity or truth it engenders, even when the person saying the statement is lying. (Begg et al., 1992).

Studies have shown that the truer something is, the more validity we give to it and the more persuaded we are by it. Therefore, the more we hear something, the more we believe it. Also, the easier the message is to understand the more it is adopted as truth.

This is often described by psychologists as the illusion of truth. It arises because familiarity breeds liking, familiarity breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds validity.

Familiarity eases the conscious filters and allows penetration to the subconscious without censor (cognitive fluency).

The simpler the message the better and we even know the ideal amount of repetitions required for maximum effect – (3 to 5, Brinol et al., 2008).

All this is good news of course if we are seeking to persuade ourselves of some truth that perhaps we do not fully believe to be true right now.

By using repetition we can apply the same techniques to bypass our conscious filters and persuade ourselves of the truth of whatever it is we wish to start believing in.

Positive Thinking On Auto-Pilot

Our specially formulated affirmation MP3s contain 33.33 minutes of silence and then the affirmations are spoken.

Setting you player to auto-repeat with allow you you to set and forget that affirmations are being broadcast to you on a regular basis.

The power of affirmations is in their repetition.

By having times of silence you are not constantly bombarded with affirmations so that you switch it off because it is annoying.

Slowly but surely the affirmations will sink into the background noise and before you know it you will not hear them anymore.

However, the subconscious can and will hear them.

In effect you will have created the only TRUE subliminal broadcast system that not only can you verify, but will work.

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